2nd Ave Massage Therapy Clinic
1311 2nd Ave Ladysmith BC   250-668-5474

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Helping you through life's many stages!

Life is challenging, and no matter how amazing our bodies are, sometimes they need a little help in healing. Sports can cause injuries such as hematoma's, sprains and strains, or more complicated injuries like tennis elbow, plantarfasciitis, frozen shoulder, or a rotator cuff syndrome. Simple daily tasks may cause muscle aches, back and neck aches. Aging is a factor in arthritis, degenerative disc disease,osteoporosis, parkinsons disease. Our jobs may cause postural changes, contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, or just plain headaches. When you add increased stress and decreased sleep, healing can take even longer.

Massage can help you during the healing process, by decreasing the stress related hormones and increasing your feel good hormones which can aid in your sleep. It can decrease inflammation and swelling, reduce muscle tension, elongate shortened muscle, and balance our postures and body systems. 

Through the use of Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage therapy, myofascial release techniques, joint mobilizations, manual stretching and range of motion exercises, I look forward to helping you through your healing process what ever stage your in.